Pilot and Flight Attendant Arrested Post Coitus


In a story that will resonate throughout the tabloids in a day or two a Pinnacle Airlines pilot and FA were arrested after both were found in public in an extremely inebriated state, with the pilot adding being naked and lost to the equation.

The pilot’s nudity is particularly surprising when you consider it’s the FA who reports on her MySpace page that she enjoys walking around sans trousers!


Okay you two… Next time get a room! :smiling_imp:


So, whats the problem?


I thought it would be apparent John, they got caught!

If this had happened over by you, I shudder at what the local Islamic court would consider cutting off. :open_mouth:


Yeah, getting caught is the wrong thing to do. And I hate it when you can’t remember if you had fun the night before or not.


The news article uses the phase “jump crew”. I think this couple has just redefined the term throughout the industry.


Or 3 to 5 days goes by before finding out you should call a doctor! http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v208/bevelheadgrl/thud.gif


She’s better looking than most of the Pinnacle FA’s I’ve seen.


Well, she could probably get a corporate job pretty easily right now… :blush:


Guess they haven’t read THIS, and it’s on sale. Cheaper then 10K bail.


Check out the Buy Together companion book…http://emoticons4u.com/happy/605.gif A classic that everyone should have.


Where do I sign up for this kind of in-flight service? :laughing: