PiAware v3.5.1 IPv6 support



I am trying to connect to my PiAware instance, from the EE mobile network in the UK that has gone IPv6 ONLY GRRRRR
and for some strange reason I can not connect.

Looking in iftop I can not see any IPv6 established connection to my system of from it apart of when I SSH into it over the IPv6 network,
so my IPv6 is configured correctly.

So I am assuming that PiAware does not support IPv6,
Is there plan to make PiAware available on IPv6 as well?


I have found where the problem was,

I have not updated domain name AAAA record after re-installing the PiAware few months ago.
PiAware over IPv6 is now working.


Yeah, v6 should be fine if you point it directly at one of the adept hosts. The piaware.flightaware.com name doesn’t include AAAA records currently because it causes problems for older v2 piawares, but I suspect we can add that in at some point soonish.


That would be great :slight_smile: