PiAware: uk weather /Nexrad


Now see here you American chaps! I live in Yorkshire, England, and I keep clicking the Nexrad weather display button on my PiAware only to find we don’t have the right kind of weather here. Apparently it’s only for US users!

Can we (you) add a regional weather feature for places other than America? Believe me, here in Yorkshire we have plenty of weather and it would be great to see it overlaid on my display.

Thank you!


Do you have a freely available source of weather tiles that are suitable for an overlay? That is the usual stumbling block. If you do have a source of tiles, then adding another layer to the map is relatively easy.


I’ll check that out -thanks for the heads up!


some early digging around the met office shows that it products tiles for IR Satellite layers

URL : metoffice.gov.uk/public/weat … 1499929200

Within the javascript/html the “OpenLayers_Layer_TMS_2106” div id has a list of URLs it uses to fill out the map…


If your wanting decent weather maps try windytv.com you can add them into any html page. I’ve done it on my own weather site…


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