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PiAware RaspPi "Chiller" for Attic?

My PiAware RaspPi4 is in the attic, as my antenna is mounted outside the attic window. I have a fan case and an attic fan but it gets >90F in the summer and my system crashes.

Is there a RaspPi chiller sort of device?


I had my device outside last year with temperatures up to 100F.
The Raspi 4 was good protected by using an armor case with active fan:


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I have several in the attic(RPI3 and 4 as well as a couple of Odroids). I just use a heatsink and the POE unit with the built-in fan. They have been running for several years with no issues.

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I have the same problem, after every 2 or 3 days my Piaware gets “frozen” and I had to reboot. FIrst, the web interface stops responding and when I do not restart, after some more hours also the feeding function stops and I get an e-mail from Flightaware, that my feeder stopped working and I should check my network. But my network is absolutely OK. Also I am able to see the log on my personal page at Flightaware under the link “My ADS-B”. And also I can restart the Pi from there! After restarting it works again well but this situation repeats every 2 - 3 days.

Before that, when I installed the Pi about in the begeiining of this year, it perfectly worked and has no problem running more than a month without a touch. Then I had to do some reconstructions at home and I was not using it. Last week I reconnected it and made some update (hope that I get maybe some new functions…) and after this full update (Update everything command in the Flightaware personal page) it started to freeze… I hate updates… Now I am unhappy and don’t know what to do (maybe wait for the next update), because I have no Linux knowledge so I am not able to investigate the system and check what is wrong.


Is the pi itself crashing or becoming unstable? It sounds like it might be the dongle which is getting hung up if you are able to remotely reset it. That could have a number of causes - it may be the dongle itself is dodgy, or it could be that its getting insufficient power.

Do you have graphs1090 installed? If so that keeps a log of your cpu temperature and could indicate if there is likely to be an issue. Heat could potentially cause a marginal power supply to be unstable enough to hang the dongle and not the pi.

If you ssh into your pi and run this command:

bash -c "$(wget -nv -O - https://raw.githubusercontent.com/caiusseverus/adsbcompare/master/pithrottle.sh)"

you will get an output which tells you whether the pi has been throttled as a result of temperature or undervoltage. It’s a script which reads a flag set by the pi when those conditions arise.

I had a similar situation with one of my Raspberry 4B
The device was operated outside on my balcony with an heat sink with fan.

The device stopped working every few days without reason.
I applied a short script which was pinging the router. If not responding, the whole device got rebooted.

I never identified the root cause of it. The device is now indoor since six months and never showed this behavior again.
The only thing i know: It was not a power problem or based on the temperature.

Maybe at least a workaround to avoid longer downtime

I had an issue with a unit in the loft occasionally crashing. I assumed it was the SD card, as it had been in the pi for over a year, I was wrong. Change the SD card and found I still had an issue. The Pi was not crashing (could ssh in to it) but the dongle was a little warmer than expected. Changed the dongle and i’m it back up and running. The dongle was a Nooelc Smart and about 2 years old, not that unexpected as these dongle always seem to run warm.

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Again thanks alot for the awesome solution.