PiAware over LORA?


Does anyone know how much data (bytes) that gets dumped out of PiAware in a metro area?

I have considered setting up another PiAware unit in an area outside of WiFi/Ethernet range. In the Phoenix area we can get some pretty long “unobstructed” views (no mountains or hills) between points so I was curious if I could send the data back to my house over LORA. Or would the PiAware suffocate the LORA connection? I have never setup a LORA node before.


In Phoenix probably you will see 2-3GB usage monthly.


So less than 1kbps? Anyone know the throughput of RaspberryPi LORA modules?


I am interested in this to, but I am not clear of traffic limitations on LoRa. I have tried to use an old phone (hotspot) with a FreedomPop LTE SIM (free version).
In my location it used 1GB of data in less than 2 weeks, even after I have turned off the MLAT to save some data.