PiAware not sending data to Flight Aware

I had an internet outage and reset my Pi Aware. It came online and was reporting . At this time i thought it would be a good idea to reset my password for my Flight Aware account also. (I’m in IT and I like to change passwords every few months) Dump1090 is still working locally but my Flight Aware is showing there no communication with it. From my understanding the Flight Aware PW did not changed on the Dump1090 with the newer updates and was recognized from my MAC and location.


sudo pico /etc/piaware.adept.conf

You may need to update it.

Alternatively, just don’t set a username/password at all for piaware and it will pair up with your account by MAC.

If you do specify a username/password, but they’re wrong, then piaware will terminate and stop trying to reconnect until you restart it manually (presumably after fixing or removing the credentials)

The problem was resolved by changing the login. I was looking for information pertaining to the login and read about the newer version not needing the login name. I do not recall seeing that there should be no login to have that function work. Thanks for the tip, it saved me some time troubleshooting.