PiAware log content window

Hey great, I suddenly see a log content window in “My ADS-B” :smiley: :smiley:
Gives information like : [2015-02-16 23:27 CET] 1717647 msgs recv’d from dump1090 (584 in last 5m); 1699550 msgs sent to FlightAware
Is this standard in the application ?
Never saw it before …

I think it’s a late Valentine’s day present :laughing: :laughing:

My oldest son went to JFK this weekend to make a Valentine’s surprise for the girl of his heart :wink:
Flying back tonight with BEL502 …
But really, I never saw the log window before after a standard installation of PiAware :question: :bulb:

It wasn’t there about an hour ago so must be a new feature - excellent.

Looks like this : http://s29.postimg.org/uld3ftqkn/piaware_log.png

Yup, it’s new - went out with this afternoon’s release. I imagine it’ll be helpful for our users who aren’t fluent in the command-line black arts.

Wow :laughing: :laughing:
Great ! Thank you for this improvement :smiley:

Kind regards from EBBR


Polite request for administrators: Could you please make the log window an option? Say, make the word Log a clickable link, that when pressed, displays the log information? Thank you.

Ditto. Plus, the map.



My “don’t actually send any log messages” patch seems to have somewhat confused it, though, I have a too-small window that’s just a scrollbar on top of an error message :slight_smile:

yes I agree make it an option as the page is getting to cluttered and although that’s handy info it not something we need to see all the time dito on the map also or make it much smaller realy its wasted real estate as it shows only your own location

Plus 1 on that. Maybe use the space of the map, for some type of bar graph, showing an average or total of “aircraft seen and positions reported”.

Something that could be helpful. :smiley:

I am liking the the new things that are being added, the page is more useful then when I first joined. Keep up the great work.

I’d love a FA heatmap like one of these

phpswiki.com/decode_php/ADS_B_he … II/368139/

If FA could do it with a 10km ‘pixel’ size, assume a maximum distance of 500Km (270nm) = 50pixel radius = 7900 points, 255 colours = 7.9KB per feeder. A 5km pixel woul use 4 times the storage - still not excessive.

Maybe it could be done locally on a Pi2 (if that can be detected) - but using HSQLDB running in memory rather than MySQL (to preserve the SDcard)

Too much when opening in mobile phone browser. It tales an age to load if at all

Correct load times on my smartphone : using Android 4.3 + Chrome
Quite a phone, network and browser related issue maybe …

Log availability ia good thing. How much effort would it take to make it a clickable option, and what would the resultant resource utilization be? The feature is a good idea. Not everything in feature creep has value.

Has maybe to do with my medical IT background :wink: but in one way or another this feature shows the “heartbeat” of our system and the way we transmit our data to FlightAware.
Our “patient” isn’t in highcare or intensive care but I really love to see he/she’s getting fine :smiley:
In that way this feature is just great :exclamation:

Thanks to all who think of new ways to present information. It’s great to be involved with a group that’s always willing to try new features.

The introduction of this new feature essentially coincided with me tinkering with my own station, and after rebooting it a time or two, all of a sudden things changed and I thought at first I’d broken something :open_mouth:

In this instance, I already get a heartbeat from the “Site Information” area’s

Data Feed: Live - less than a minute ago
Feeder Check-in: Live - less than a minute ago

which, if to be believed, is plenty of heartbeat for me.

As others have suggested, it would be nice to be able to make some of this displayed optionally, as if I’m using a small form factor device or on a cellular connection, sometimes it takes forever to load or scroll around.

Cheers and 73 - Jon N7UV