piaware is NOT connected to FlightAware

Pi with very inexpensive 3.5" display is working well - I’m learning much …

I’ve loaded dump109 and piAware such that:

dump1090 is running
faup1090 is running
piaware is running

dump1090 is listening 30005
faup1090 is connected 30005
piaware is NOT connected to FlightAware
dump1090 is producing data 30005

So nearly there …

I’ve checked user name & password but can get no further. Stumped yet again.

Finally, I know I have asked many questions on this forum before and I’m conscious of how much help you’ve given me - so thank you.


Yes it is now!

Someone else has had the same problem as explained here: linhost.info/2016/04/raspbian-d … t-running/

My next issue is that asking my Pi to view port :8080 crashes the browser! Prosaic is working as well!