PiAware Aircraft Signal Source "Other"


I just put my new PiAware receiver online and I’m having difficulty finding any documentation on Source “Other”.

They typically only have Altitude, sometimes Squawk code. Are these Mode C interrogation signals I’m seeing? What else comes in as “Other”?



Thump45a, I had the same question myself! Check out this newsletter article from FlightAware which should answer this question:



Perfect, thank you for the link! For future/historical reference of those who might come here in future years and the link may be dead:

“Other Mode S refers to other messages that were successfully received by your site that were not ADS-B or TIS-B, and were not used for an MLAT calculation. This is the data type that we get the most questions about! “Mode S” is the general term for the protocol used to transmit messages such as ADS-B and TIS-B. The primary reason why a message would be classified this way in Skyview or on the My ADS-B statistics page is because the message was not an ADS-B position message and it was not received by enough sites at the exact same time to be used for MLAT purposes. It is normal to see a portion of your site’s messages fall into this category.”