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Piaware 5 and ubuntu 20.04

Will they be updating the flightaware packages to support ubuntu 20.04

Please see this post (and subsequent posts as well):

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We only build/test packages for Raspbian and there are currently no plans to change that.

However the packages should build fine on Ubuntu and Iā€™m happy to fix any problems you run into there - please report the details in a github issue.

I have built dump1090-fa, piaware, and dump978-fa packages from source code and installed successfully on Ubuntu 20.02 amd64 and Ubuntu 20.04 amd64 on PC and also Ubuntu aarch64 on RPi Model 4.

All this I could do using installation scripts I have linked in my above post.

I did face some problems initially with dump1090-fa, but after recent commits by Oliver (@obj), building package is without issues.

No pre-built packages for Ubuntu 20.04 are available.
I have built & installed the packages using source-code at Github.