Piaware 3 dump1090

Hi to all, someone knows what is the path of dump1090-fa?? i have instaled piaware 3 and i need to to add the correct ppm value to program args, but i dont know how are is located…

Thanks in advanced

PPM can be configured via piaware-config (“rtlsdr-ppm”) on a PiAware 3 image. It doesn’t really matter though.

thanks for your reply, but why that does not matter? whit the same rpi i feed fr24 and planefinder and with old dump1090 with the correct ppm i have experienced a good coverage, maybe does not matter for piaware itself but for fr24 works better?

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Bandwidth of adsb signals is very wide so a double figure ppm correction will not make a noticeable difference in msgs received.
ppm adjustments work better in HF with converter.