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Pi 3 or Pi 4 for an absolute noob

Having been unsuccessful in my application for a FligtAware setup, I now have to consider my next options, and the first thing I need to ask is Pi 3 or 4? Bearing in mind I have no idea whatsoever about anything related to any Pi (except the one you eat:: )


Either will work fine. Pi 4s are more capable and generally easier to get hold of, but if you have a Pi 3 on hand already it will be fine.

Thanks, Pi 4 it is.

Next question is do I buy a bundle, and what type of enclosure to consider?


Bundles as in RPi + FA Prostick+ + antenna are often overpriced.

Or do you mean which case for the RPi4?

Pretty sure you already found this page: https://flightaware.com/adsb/piaware/build

Hi wiedehopf,

Sorry about the delay but I’m guessing we have a big timezone difference plus I have just finished work for the day.

Okay I will dig a bit deeper.

Yes, I was looking at cases as what little info I have learnt is the RPi4 runs a tad warm. Whether that warrants an aluminium case or not I would be keen to know. And thanks for your link, I had not come across that one yet, and on my next day off I will really get in there and have a better look.


I would say aluminium for a Pi4, preferably with a fan unless in a cool location.
The JOY-IT Armor Case is the one I use.

A Pi4 is overkill for this application, unless you are using an AirSpy.