Passenger creates big problem at American . . .

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Open to correction…but is the guy even actually sitting in his seat? Or on an armrest? And how on earth does is the seatbelt fitting…if at all. You Airline types out there correct me as well…but I was under the belief that a carrier cannot depart the gate without the pax securely fastened to thier seat. This gas to be somewhat of a violation. I mean I know times are tough for the airlines…but this is a little overkill.

That is a large gentleman! He does not appear to simply be an obese candidate for inclusion at People of Walmart, he’s BIG. I’m 6’6" and weigh somewhere near 270, so based on how I fit in one of those dinky seats I’d estimate this guy at around 6’10" or more and to weigh somewhere north of 350 pounds.

No, this man is not just big but definitely obsese. There is a roll of fat visble below the left shoulder even though the arm is rotated to the front and the skin stretched.

If you look close he is indeed sitting on the armrest. he’s of average height

I respectfully disagree. There’s no corresponding roll of fat around his middle to match what you’re describing on his back. What you’re describing could just as easily be relatively out of shape trapezius and deltoid muscles.

His neck goes right into his shoulders with no side nor rear rolls of fat evident as one would normally expect on a morbidly obese person.

Ive had to switch seats twice in the last two weeks. One flight on a CRJ-900 my seatmate was in both seats and couldn’t hold her fat in her seat. I told the FA I would get off the flight if I couldn’t switch seats. Then I went out to the gate agent to complain and they upgraded me to first at no charge. Thanksgiving day on a CRJ-200 ATL-LIT had to switch seats as the my seatmate was built like a sumo wrestler! I was full fare paying pax and he was on a buddy pass and he was extremely rude. Nice way to treat paying customers…

JAMES!!! Did you really have to give us a visual? OMG!! Ugghhh Imagine all the “cheese”…eeewwwwwww!!! :laughing:

Ok…after very careful inspection…(in which case I hate to admit) this guy is sitting on the armrest. Yes…the armrest is clearly in the crack of his ass!!! again…eeeewwwwwwww!!!

I think I used to date that girl!

I can see why you used to… Better question, why did you date her in the first place? :laughing:

I’ve looked at the picture on my large desktop display and can’t agree with Jason’s contention that the subject gentleman is sitting on the armrest, but neither can I categorically dispute it. Can’t the armrest be removed on some seats? I know it’s common for the center armrest to be removable in some instances.

You’re much too young yet to be told the secret of why one dates big girls Will.

At least he put on some clean clothes for the trip. Oh wait, no he didn’t. When is enough, enough?

Doesn’t at least one airline, Southwest perhaps, require these large people to purchase two tickets?

Gives a whole new meaning to “widebody” jets.

I find it amusing that the guy in the middle seat is the one who appears to be encroaching on the big guy’s “space”. :laughing:

Southwest is a little more known for it (perhaps due to their reality tv show), but United will also require passengers to purchase enough seats to fit in.

Here is a hint, it involves a golf ball, a garden hose and an exceptionally good FICO score.

Don’t forget the bathtub full of lime Jello!

Of cousre, what was I thinking :blush: