Paint FA Antenna?

Has anyone painted their FA antenna to match house trim or disguise it otherwise? I’d like to mount mine on the front of the garage but it’s a little obvious. No HOA rules here or anything. Some paints better than others? I thought of a short section of thin PVC pipe ( I use for a j-pole antenna I bought off ebay - 2M-440cm tho, not 1090 mhz).

I could reduce my RG6 cable run from 30 feet to 4 feet.

Any experiences, suggestions?


Someone (it may have been abcd56…) mentioned some paints have pigments that can block the signal. A suggested test was to paint something (I used a paper towel for spray paint) and run it in the microwave along with a cup of water (to provide a better target) If the paint has RF blocking material it supposedly will heat up from the microwaves. I tried that, it stayed cool, and painted the FA antenna. Have had no problems, even from the HOA folks.