Outside use of FA dongle and FA ADSB filter

Has anybody put their dongle and filter outside in a sealed box and not had a problem with moisture messing it up. I live in an area that can get to 90+F and as low as -20F at times and I didn’t know if it would mess things up. Also does anybody have pics or links to good boxes that are sealed that may work?? thanks

I was contemplating the same. The worst enemies are UV and high temperatures. For low temperature and humidity, if you just have to rely on good sealing.

PS: You don’t have a site running yet?

There may be reasons for it, and it may look appealing, but I have my doubts if it’s worth it as a general rule.

Yeah…I’m using virtual radar server and sending to adsbexchange.com…I’m doin that thru a old laptop till I get a PI up and goin

Right now I have tha adsb antenna outside about 25’ up and running about 6’ rg6 into my attic straight into the adsb filter and the FA pro plus…into a 30’ active usb extension cable…it does really well since the rg6 I’m using has a db reduction of 6db per 100’ so just using 6’ ain’t hurting anything at all


You just got SoNic67’s attention!

We are surrounded SoNic67. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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I just like the fact that they don’t filter anything out such as military :slight_smile:

Hum…25’ up and 6’ of RG6. How is that possible? Must be 25’ up from the ground then, and 6’ from the attic roof.

Provided you have no obstacles around, I don’t see a major benefit installing the RPi and filter at the antenna. I would certainly try to eliminate the 30’ USB cable.

It’s on my tower and the tower is by my attic vent…my tower is 35’ up but I have a discone at the top so I mounted a standoff on the tower so the antenna would at least clear the peak of the roof

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Only obstacles I have are trees all over…lol

The ADS-B antenna should also clear the discone radials by about a foot.

Clear the trees before thinking of putting the RPI and filter up there. Much better results.

it far from my discone…discone is at the top of the 35’ tower and my standoff is at about 25’ up and about 5 feet away from the tower …also its not in the middle of a tree or anything but theres trees all over the neighborhood…like 200 feet away from my tower but it does block the horizon. Im definitely going to experiment and get it higher. Ill probably try longer coax and get rid of the active usb cable just to see if it makes a difference. Im pretty much between Columbus, Cincinnatti, Indy, Chicago and Ft wayne airports. I get a few Military i can see from out in my yard sometimes also

I would not bother moving the antenna higher in this case. What is the antenna currently used? If not a gain antenna, such as the FA one, my money would go into upgrading the antenna, nothing else.

i have the Flightaware ADSB antenna from amazon

OK…I don’t see any need to tinker with the antenna and transmission line up to the end of the RG6 cable then.

If you are going to replace the laptop with an RPi, just install it in the attic, eliminate the USB cable altogether.

thats probably what ill do…i already have that diamond discone up…a handmade QFH antenna for NOAA weather satellites…a W6LVP active loop and this adsb antenna also…lol

ill see if theres a big difference this winter once the leaves fall off all the trees… :slight_smile:

How is the W6LVP loop? I was thinking about purchasing one. While still much cheaper than the Wellbrook, cost is an issue. MFJ also has one now, that’s another option.

well i dont have any other loop to compare it to…it beats my end fed long wire antenna …nulls out a lot of interference that i get from living in the city…plus its on a rotor