Odd Flight by N8JR (Earnhardt Jr.)


Odd flight here:

flightaware.com/live/flight/N8JR … /KCUB/KSVH


Looks like multiple radar sites reporting to me.


Got tired of traveling in ovals around the track so he asked the pilot to make it interesting.


Actually, the flight track is straight; it’s the map that’s crooked.


Are you suggesting they installed the Salvador Dali map filter?


Remember, his major sponsor is Budweiser…


We’ve seen this a few times with other 3 character N-numbers and the infamous American Eagle flights. It’s likely that another aircraft with an N-number ending wiith 8JR (N128JR, N88JR, etc) was flying at the same time and ATC only keyed in the last few digits.


Yea, sure Mark. That sounds logical. :unamused:

j/k :wink:

crap, there goes my smiley quota for the week.