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Number of daily visitors in an airport for specific date?

Is it possible to get the number of daily visitors in an airport for a specific date? (arrivals+departures)
if not directly, i could do with a calculation by aircraft capacity perhaps… Thanks all!

You’d have to estimate it based off Capacity and average load factors for the month based on T-100 data. BTS on-time statistics can give you exact schedules for major carriers and even the aircraft used. But non-reporting carriers and international flights would have to be completely estimated.

Where can i get those estimates and how accurate do you think it can be?
Thanks for the help…

Bureau of transportation statistics - transtats.bts.gov/Tables.asp?DB_ID=111

It would probably be accurate within about 20%

What are you trying to do/why are you trying to do this?

It’s possible, including the ppl who come to meet/wave goodbye.
But it’s quite expensive and requires some organisation efforts.