Now hiring: Customer Advocate on the ADS-B Team

Attention avgeeks! If you love ADS-B, FlightAware has an unique open position for which you should consider applying. This position specifically focuses on supporting our terrestrial ADS-B network.

  • Customer Advocate - In this role you will be helping get users online and keep them online by providing technical support and proactive outreach to improve coverage.

Join our world class team of aviation geeks and big data nerds! Our mission is to source data from around the world and turn it into information that empowers aviation. At FlightAware, you will support the growth and maintenance of our terrestrial ADS-B network consisting of over 18,000 devices (and growing) worldwide.

If you are interested, please click on the job posting link above for details and application instructions.

Do you know someone for which this role would be an excellent fit? Please pass the link along to them!

Learn more about working at FlightAware. We were just honored as one of the best places to work in Houston!


casting a vote here…:wink:

a position suitable for @abcd567 !


Congratulations for the honor of Best Place to Work. Awesome

You beat me to it. @abcd567 would be the perfect candidate for the position.:wink:


Indeed. In this ‘dog eat dog’ world, being singled out as a good place to work is a tremendous achievement.


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I second that. He makes a great candidate for the job.

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Only that, since he is probably Canadian, he would need an H-1B visa to work in Huston :smiley:

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3rd it … he is super helpful and the most knowledgeable person I’ve seen.

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Yes… he is the best ADS-B tech support ever… he helped me build my feeder and customized it to be most usable.

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