NOTAM for Ft. Calhoun Nuclear Plant

Can anyone hazard a guess as to why the no-fly zone over Ft. Calhoun?

Possibly due to changing fuel rods.

Part of the problem is due to the Missouri River flooding. There are alot of aircraft up on tracking and surveys. The plant is currently surrounded by water. It may also be as a warning/heads-up; there are more private planes up and down the river than I’ve ever seen (sightseers?). If people are gawking, they’re not paying attention./
They also had a helicopter go down a few miles away yesterday. It was involved in inspection of the transmission lines from the plant for OPPD.

Was wondering if pilot and passenger from helicopter were suffering radiation sickness before crash. Paks and Russians seem to think there has been radiation release at Ft. Calhoun. … ant-report

the Obama regime has ordered a “total and complete” news blackout relating to any information regarding the near catastrophic meltdown of the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Power Plant located in Nebraska.

:laughing: … 29782/1007 … saster.php

Born/raised in Omaha, so I can give a bit of insight into this…

Coming from the west, especially now on the HOWRY1 arrival, and the 14s and 18 are active, your descent and modified base leg will take you right over Ft. Calhoun and slightly north of 3NO (North Omaha). this may now require a vector further north, towards TQE, making for a longer final, or traffic permitting, around KOFF over to the east side of the field, then downwind.

But with the levee breaking there, as well as the 2 in Hamburg, and trying to keep it from KOMA, listening to the KOMA LiveATC feed will be very interesting.


It shouldn’t have any impact on Eppley at all. The TFR covers the surface to 3500 feet. The 14R approach is what would take you closest to Ft. Calhoun. Check out the 14R RNAV plate. OTSEE the IAF, is at 3300 or above. OTSEE is 2 nm outside of the TFR. That said, rarely do you get taken that far North with Eppley’s controllers.