Nooelec NESDR SMArt v4 SDR VS FlightAware Pro Stick Blue(Blue)

I am currently using a Flight Aware ProStick Plus for my 1090 feed and a Flight Aware ProStick (orange) for my 978 feed. I have heard of great results using Nooelec NESDR SMArt v4 SDRs for both frequency ranges that exceed results of the Flight Aware ProSticks. Additionally I have Uptronics preamps attached to each feed with a greatly increased number of positions received.

Does anyone have actual results on this topic to share?

Would the NESDR v4SDR have increased performance for 1090MHz and 978MHz UAT positions received?

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I have the blue Pro Stick, Nooelec and RTL-SDR - The blue Pro Stick is amazing, just with slightly lower message rate over the RTL-SDR, but both perform relatively equally - The same goes between the Nooelec and RTL-SDR; very similar indeed.
They’re not expensive, so get one to play around with and see what you think in comparison.


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