No Times In Tracker

Where are the airport departure and arrival times in flight tracker?

I am seeing the same lack of times–only time zones appear in the fields where arrival times and departure times should appear, both on airport pages and pages of individual aircraft.

Every page I’ve looked at has looked like this, with no timed displayed:
Ident Type From Depart Arrive
UAL427 B752 Washington Dulles Intl (KIAD) EDT * MDT*

I have cleared my cache and reloaded FA and seen no changes.

Is this still happening? I am unable to reproduce this problem, even when I load a page as your username.

When I log in its fine. It’s when you dont log in there isn’t any times for the flights on flight tracker.

What country are you in?


Hmm I have tested from US and UK and no problem…logged in or out.

So, if you go to an airport page right now and logout, the times will disappear?

Never mind its fixed now, Thanks Anyway

OK good, can you tell me what was the last time you recall having the problem?


Great, thanks.

If I have anymore problems with this I will let you know.

I also show all times where they should be, both while logged in and logged out. I last saw this issue this morning, Sunday 6/13 from the US, but all looks fine now.