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No MLATs when running piaware using VirtualBox on a PC

I’m curious why I’m seeing no MLATs when running piaware in a Ubuntu VM on VirtualBox (VB) on a decent Windows laptop, but when running it on Fusion on a nicely configured MacBook Pro I was getting lots of MLATs. The antenna position was even better for the PC setup than for the Mac. The dongle was the same. I believe the issue is the slower performance of the VM on the PC running VB compared to the Mac running Fusion. Those are the only variables. I had set my location in both cases, and I checked that mlat was running. What conditions must be met in order for mlats to work?

The “bad” VM is probably dropping some USB data; as I mentioned in the other thread, mlat is very sensitive to this.

(essentially, multilateration with these dongles works by counting samples between seeing a reference ADS-B message, and seeing a message from the aircraft to be multilaterated. If the USB subsystem is dropping sample data, then that timing is not reliable)

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Yes, I remember you said that. The first time I had asked, it turned out the problem I had was that I hadn’t set my location properly. Once I fixed that, I was seeing many MLATs (on the Mac). But now I do believe you’re right that the reason I’m not getting any on the PC is that it’s dropping some USB data, most likely.