No MLAT, error on restarting dump1090 solution

Hey everyone,

I just had a problem with an error code that I couldn’t find by Googling. I fixed it and figured I’d put what I did here in case another noob like me has the same issue.

I wasn’t getting any MLAT positions, and when I looked at my PiAware log, it kept saying “got exit status 1 while trying to restart dump1090”. It would also say I was also unable to view my live data - Chrome would display this: “This site can’t be reached refused to connect.”

I went through all the regular troubleshooting available to no avail. I sent the command to update dump1090 through the web interface, and it updated it but got an error, then went back to the “exit status 1” thing. I then remembered that when I was setting everything up, I might have installed some other dump1090 version over the one that was included on PiAware.

My solution was to wipe the SD card and reinstall PiAware. Sure enough, that’s all it took and everything is functioning correctly. Pretty surprised at the ease of setup given the complexity of everything going on.

One of my Pi3’s keeps reporting “Server Status: Clock Unstable”

Has anyone else ever had this issue?

If so, how did you rectify it?

your time and date are correct?

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