No data for ELY11


Hello, Just wondering FlightAware doesn’t have any positional data for flight ELY11. It’s been in the air over Europe for over 4 hours now and there isn’t a single groundspeed/altitude reading. Thank you.


That flight is not in our coverage areas. … /LLBG/KJFK

“At least part of this flight occurs outside of FlightAware’s primary service area. Learn more about FlightAware’s coverage and service areas here.


But flight UAL85 follows the same exact route and for that flight you have 100% complete data.

Is it possible that there are some airlines that you don’t cover?


The UAL85 aircraft happens to have better avionics and is transmits positions continuously via ADS-B, which is just one of the many data sources we support. The ELY11 aircraft still apparently lacks ADS-B, which will eventually be a regulatory requirement of most aircraft (2016 in Europe, 2020 in US).

Furthermore, certain airlines do have data relationships with us that provide us with data on their departures/arrivals and sometimes positions, regardless of what coverage area they are located in, so it is not strictly geographically limited. However, when the ELY11 flight eventually crosses into US controlled airspace, we’ll begin receiving actual positions for it then.

As I’ve described in the other thread, there are many data sources that we combine to produce the unified view that is shown on our website, but each of the sources have their limitations in accuracy or coverage.