No ADS-B data shown in FA stats

I have changed anntena from homemade to FA and after that there is nearly 0 ADS-B message visible on FA profile stats.
Rest of setup (dongle + feeder cable) is the same.

Sample message from PiAware log:

[2017-03-20 21:54 CET] mlat-client(6280): Aircraft: 4 of 6 Mode S, 10 of 10 ADS-B used

Same situation is with PlanePlotter.
What is more interesting, MLAT data is shown correctly.

Could anybody tell me what is wrong?

This happened with me also when I replaced home made Cantenna by FA 26 inch antenna. Initially I thought it is due to connectors, and tried many different connectors, but no improvement. At last I added FA filter, and problem was solved. I live in an urban area with lot of cell phone antennas around.

Since FA antenna is high gain, and picks much more cell phone signals than a low gain home made antenna, and since ProStick has rf pre-amplifier, this combination overloaded the receiver tuner chips. Adding a Filter solved my problem.

But FA filter does not filtering GSM signal at all (FA is filtering to 925 MHz, BTS downlink 980 Mhz). Having 4 BTS’ near me FA filter is useless.

Besides with FA Filter + FA Antenna I got far worse results that with antenna itself (range, messages, “holding” signal).
I dont have FA dongle and LNA or other amp on my setup. Simple genercic dongle.

My setup was also generic DVB-T (black) when I replaced home made Cantenna by Flightaware 26 inch antenna. Please see photos in this post, and also a series of my posts before and after it:


Thank for help, but it does not apply to my setup at all.
My setup is following:
FA antenna → (N) RF-5 feeder (SMA) → generic dongle with SMA female plug (soldered out MCX).

Homemade antenna was 12-element co-co made from SiVa RG214U 50 Ohms coax cable.
Only changed antenna in my setup and performance dropped out (for example max range from 210 NM to 160 NM (!)). Messages count drop aprox. 15%.

I’m starting to wonder if there was any damage done during shipping (ModMyPi send it to me like rubbish - everything in the package was moving).

The common point is that with generic DVB-T, and without filter, the FA antenna performs poorer than home made antenna in locations with strong RF noise.

Differences in cable and connector types do not matter much.

I used FA filter with this setup and as I said before it performed even poorer than without filter.
I just do not want to buy another FA equipment and be dissapointed again.

Yet problem is solved… antenna is going to be returned.

@abcd567: thanks for your time and for helping me.