Nginx instead of Lighttpd as Dump1090-mutability/fa standard


just a short question - is there a possibility to use in future releases nginx instead of lighttpd as the standard setup with dump or are there downsides i’m not aware of?


Good question, I was looking for that option and found this: Link to Nginx enhancement, however in the install I did yesterday I did not find the option… Too bad sofar…


What’s the argument for changing the default? lighttpd works and is probably more lightweight than nginx.


just my personal thoughts: lighttpd seems to be not under real development anymore, nginx config is more convenient, community for nginx is much bigger and much more other applications use nginx than lighttpd what could lead to have to run two web-servers in parallel …

edit: cpu, memory and speed wise they seem to be on par


Contribute a nginx config then? It does not have to be one or the other.


the problem i see is if there is a choice then things get more complicated and confusing than they are now - especially here in the forum. i’m not really unhappy with your lighttpd choice - and where needed i can use apache or nginx instead or in addition …


My reason: I’m running nginx on onther raspi’s as well so have experience and am very happy with it. Besides - but that’s more an emotional reason: I don’t like installs which don’t give you an opt-out as in: a choice to NOT install a particular item for which other (better?) options are available. Just put down the www folder structure & php (7 I hope) scripts but don’t install lighttpd.


If you can provide automation for setting up nginx installs during postconf, I can change the Depends line to require either lighttpd or nginx. There are no PHP scripts, I’m not sure what you’re talking about there.


Wish I could… I’m learning the entire Linux thing, learning the entire dump1090 thing. Have settled on nginx as it was for me relatively simple to set up (together with MariaDB and a bunch of other stuff - amazing all the things you can find on internet to fix challenges). Working on many (hobby) projects at the same time, working and trying to have a life is why I always look for easy (llike earning 1 webserver instead of multiple). Maybe this winter, given some time I’ll get around to setting it up the way I like to and will get back on this issue. Or, like John Rowles said in 1968: “If I only had time…”

I appreciate the offer though!