lighttpd kills apache and vice versa / can they coexist?


On RPi Jessie clean install, apache2 works

Install PiAware then dump1090, now lighttpd listening on 80 and 8080 & dump1090 works, but apache doesn’t

Reinstalled apache2, reconfigured lighttpd to listen on 8080 not 80. Now apache works but dump1090 web interface doesn’t

I would welcome some insight here. Thanks


The lighttpd-on-8080 configuration that dump1090-fa installs is a legacy thing more than anything, I suggest you just change the primary port of lighttpd to whatever you want to avoid conflicting with apache and throw away the 8080 config. Or put apache on a different port. Or write an apache config that serves the dump1090-fa data and don’t use lighttpd at all (it’s just a couple of aliases, basically - serve /usr/share/dump1090-fa/html/ as /dump1090-fa/ and /run/dump1090-fa/ as /dump1090-fa/data/)


Thanks @obj
Probably while you were writing this I realized it’s important that lighttpd not be listening on :8080. So I moved it to :90 and now dump1090 web interface displays fine, and lighttpd is out of apache’s way as well.

Later I’ll try to move dump1090 to apache. Meanwhile have to get more stuff running.

Thanks again, Eric