NFL team tail numbers


Does anyone know the tail numbers to the NFL teams for the upcoming 2015 season?..thanks


So far, I have…

Colts DL8869
Patriots DL8872
Broncos UAL2230
Giants UAL 2237/2264
Rams UAL2238
Titans UAL2231
Jets UAL 2232
Redskins UAL2233/2236
Bears UAL 2239
Bucs UAL 2240
Saints UAL 2241
Vikings DL8871
Packers DL8868
Chiefs UAL2243
Steelers AAL9423


Here’s all the ones combined from the other thread plus a couple more. They tend to be in sequence and I’m updating as I find new ones.

UAL2229 = San Francisco 49ers
UAL2230 = Denver Broncos
UAL2231 = Tennessee Titans
UAL2232 = New York Jets
UAL2233 = Washington Redskins
UAL2234 = Buffalo Bills
UAL2235 = ???
UAL2236 = Houston Texans
UAL2237 = New York Giants
UAL2238 = St Louis Rams
UAL2239 = Chicago Bears
UAL2240 = Tampa Bay Buccaneers
UAL2241 = New Orleans Saints
UAL2242 = Detroit Lions
UAL2243 = Kansas City Chiefs

AAL9421 = Carolina Panthers
AAL9423 = Pittsburgh Steelers
AAL9425 = Oakland Raiders
AAL9427 = ???
AAL9429 = Dallas Cowboys???

DAL8865 = Atlanta Falcons
DAL8866 = ???
DAL8867 = Cincinnati Bengals???
DAL8868 = Green Bay Packers
DAL8869 = Indianapolis Colts
DAL8870 = Jacksonville Jaguars
DAL8871 = Minnesota Vikings
DAL8872 = New England Patriots
DAL8873 = San Diego Chargers
DAL8874 = Seattle Seahawks

Still need:

Arizona Cardinals
Miami Dolphins
Baltimore Ravens
Cleveland Browns
Philadelphia Eagles

  • Confirmation on a few above.


DAL8867 - Cincinnati Bengals




AAL9428= Miami Dolphins


anyone know the current carolina tail number, 9421 doesnt seem to work


Ravens is AAL9424


I believe they used 9431 from Boeing Field back to Clt in Airbus a-330