Newbie REST/CURL/PHP Submit Button

Got my API and entered details in the flightxml_query.php script as per README, run index.html from my webserver, enter the flight ident, hit the submit button and get no response!

Can anyone help with why I get no response?


Do you have any error message or console errors that you are seeing?

Not that I can see anywhere? I’ll see if there’s anything in the syslog.

In the apache2 error log I see a recurring entry about an undefined index: latitude and longitude on line 38. I’ll go check that out.

This is the line from the php file but I have no idea why it is causing the error:

array_push($result, array(‘lat’ => $point[‘latitude’], ‘lng’ => $point[‘longitude’]));

If I use the jquery html source I get a response, the map shows but the date seems to be arbitary, two flights were requested, one showed the date as 22 September and the other for the 15 Septemeber! In both cases an error dialogue box advise that it could not decode the route.

I’d need a larger code sample to really be able to see what the issue might be. If you post that I’ll take a look at it.