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Newbie help. sched scan and wedged device

Thought I had done it but tried again and still getting the same with new power cable.

still getting usb_claim_interface error -6 or the other stuff?

If it is still the other stuff then it seems the prostick is not working correctly anymore.

Yeah its the -9 failed stuff that I am getting.

So either both power supplies are really bad or the stick isn’t working anymore.

You could test it on a Windows computer as well but i don’t think it would change anything.

I could give it a go. Would definitely know then. Its a bit disappointing that it has not lasted long if that is the case.

I’m sure there is a howto on testing with windows on this forum as well, but i can’t find it.

So here is how you test in Windows:

Would seem the dongle is no good. When I do the above guide it opens the command window but instantly disappears.






That is the same steps as above. Not sure if to bother getting another stick or not.

This is a hardware failure, either the dongle itself or the USB port or the USB cable (if you use one) or a problem with power.

Yeah its not the usb port on the pi since I use a bluetooth keyboard which hass no problems.

Although that probably needs less power than the flight stick, so the usb could have problems supplying enough power. Although I think a dongle failure is much more likely…

Hey @SuperOwl86, one of our support people is going to be reaching out to you shortly. They’ll get you sorted out. My apologies for the trouble.

All sorted now thank you.

Here is my station

So now will be the time for me to ask the question What I can do to improve my experience and what I can do to try and get a little more out of my set up.

You can improve your whip antenna:
How to improve performance of whip antenna of DVB-T

Whip antennas are very bad though, even a simple selfmade antenna is much better:
QUICK SPIDER - No Soldering, No Connector

Placing the antenna outside above the roof line is a big step up no matter the antenna you are using.
The Flightaware antenna is again quite a bit better than the quick spider but you can reach very good range with the quick spider mounted on top of the roof.

You might also look at how terrain around you is limiting your view of the sky:
What is the Maximum Range I can Get?

For experimentation these graphs come in useful to compare for example two antenna positions:

Would I still cut the whip at 67mm even though my antenna has the twisty bit in the middle?

same as this one. https://www.modmypi.com/raspberry-pi/communication-1068/3dbi-ads-b-1090mhz-sma-antenna-w-magnetic-base

I had one with the twisty bit and it didn’t work too well.
Because i wasn’t sure about cutting it i unscrewed it and bent some copper wire so it clamped onto the threads.

I have no clue why shops keep selling those whip antennas as 1090 MHz, i haven’t seen a single one that is actually tuned for 1090 MHz.

My guess is they want to sell the more expensive antennas.

You could also get one of those ebay antennas: https://www.ebay.de/itm/1pcs-ADS-B-PCB-Antenna-1090MHz-Antenna-SMA-female-Antenne-CASE/253915016420

Performs about as good as the self built spider in my experience.
Note that you need a male to male SMA coupler though.

If you dont want to cut the whip, unscrew it from base, and use steel tie wire or core of scrap network cable as whip. Start with a bit longer wire, then trim it to 67mm.


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Whip cut to 67mm

If you try hard enough you can remove the cap from the whip and place it on the jagged end of the shortened whip.


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