New WX Feature


As an information junkie, I love new WX history. Few questions and ideas:

  1. You have an arrow indicating whether the cloud base is increasing or decreasing (in Altitude). Would it make sense to similarly label field ATM pressure?

  2. Are you planning to link history NEXRAD imaged to the time plots?

  3. (Stupid non-pilot question) Is the overcast base AGL or MSL. I would assume MSL, but was looking at ASE where the base was reported @ 6000 and field elevation is 7000+

07-Aug 06:53PM VFR Calm Scattered 6000 10 18 12 67% 30.18


did I mention I love it!


Love it, too…

How about having C/F for the temps?


AGL…as the reporting equipment (ceiliometer) measures from the surface at the airport. :wink:


I agree, C/F displayed for the temps and dp would be very nice.


Yes – also for visibility and whatnot but we’re trying to come up with a way to avoid arrow overload.

  1. Are you planning to link history NEXRAD imaged to the time plots?

Interesting idea – I will toss it around here. We have other plans for archived NEXRAD as well.

Easy…added it and the site will pick up the changes shortly.


Lets get it all on the site to make it one stop shopping




This is all very good. the metar trend info is great. noticed today the order of the information is a bit screwed up - maybe a new year thing. but 12-31 information is on top and 1-1-08 info on the bottom, but times don’t flow into each other properly.

Also I very much like the map that are brought up when you click the weather map in the upper right of the metar summary page. Can you add icing levels to the maps? Also can you add the ability to cycle from 12-24-36 hour forecasts without closing each map and clicking the next time?