New theory on BA B777 crash

The Transport Department Investigators are probing the possibility a crossed line diverted a call to the B777 :question: :question: :question: interfering with its computers and shutting down both the engines.

It follows a wierd incident ten weeks ago when a woman rang the BA lost baggage number, after waiting 20 minutes she was put through to the cockpit of a BA B777 standing on the same runway of the accident.the woman said “I heard a man saying 'passengers and crew seated ready for take-off” the call then ended (the flight was london-los angeles)
After she reported it BA admitted “there must have been a mixup with a mobile in a pilot’s jacket” (though don’t think it possible as the pilot would have to answer the mobile in the first place)
BA said “we will look at november’s incident as part of our investigation into the crash”

Now that is Interesting!!!

Any online articles on this theory or the prior cell phone call incident?


I’d like to see a link too. There are some articles about Nina Anderson who claims wi-fi will end humanity within 10 years. She thinks wi-fi caused the accident. She’s also trying to sell a book and getting free exposure for her insane ideas.

Plus the fact that the engines didn’t shut down…they just didn’t respond to actions for increased power.

soz allen no link it was in my local newspaper

Here’s a link:

You’ll note that the incident was mentioned only after-the-fact when discussing the 777 crash. I couldn’t find anything online about the incident from when it happened.

This source is being discussed in other aviation newsgroups as the equivelant of the “National Enquirer” published stateside here.

Does anybody know the credibility of The Sun and if it runs parallel?

I don’t know myself, just the words out in the aviation newsgroups.


Calling The Sun the “National Enquirer” of Britain doesn’t seem to far off the mark. It looks like an even more sensational form of the New York City tabloids, so I imagine the Sports coverage is pretty good. I’d take real news articles in The Sun with a grain of salt.

Tabloid journalism :confused: is more main stream there. The Sun might be more like a print version of TMZ. Drudge links quite a few accurate stories to The Sun. It isn’t really like The Enquirer but maybe a more splashy USA Today.

But page 3 is always so news worthy :wink:

There are no real news articles in The Sun.

''There are no real news articles in The Sun. ‘’

yea your right, it only has one page dedicated to national issues such as government, the rest is news what you’d read in womans mags such as chat or something like that!

Like this?

Like what.

Metaphorically, “this” chat.

Metaphorically… Oh.

So, yeah.

you saying my thread is pointless punk?!!! ( im joking not being serious by the way)

I think we’re saying The Sun is pointless.

Except for the two on page 3 of course.

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