New dongle version

I read a casual comment in a post and have since tried to find a conversation on the subject. I haven’t found the proper keywords to search could someone link or post information on a new FlightAware dongle that is coming out? Someone from the forum posted it is delayed do to the chip shortage,

Welcome to the forum. I was not aware of a new dongle being offered, I am sure you’ll get a few replies to your query.

Some of the generic SDRs are quite reasonably priced provided you make sure they cover the ADS-B bands as some don’t.

Will you try this on a Pi or some other machine?


Search for Pro Stick X, I think that is what it is called.

I think the real delay is two fold:
1/ the R820T2 hasn’t gone out of production despite RafaelMicro announcing it would.
2/ the R860 is a physical and functional drop-in replacement with identical performance.

So unless an alternative chip is selected, you wouldn’t notice the difference.

Thank you for your reply. The post I saw was more talking about the chip shortage due to the plant that went down or the covid shortage. It wasn’t rafaelMicro they mentioned the name of the company but I can’t remember what it was or I could probably find the post again. I want to say I remember the name starting with a G but you know how memories are…

There are other things besides the tuner that can be improved, for example the ADC.

imho, nothing less than an ADC upgrade would justify a full redesign.
So I’m guessing a replacement dongle has been postponed indefinitely.

Yes, FlightAware is working on a new SDR we’re referring to as the Pro Stick X. I’ve mentioned it in passing here and at my presentation at Oshkosh. Appreciate you noticing!

We are several rounds of prototyping in now and the performance will well exceed that of either of our current SDR products.

The global component shortage has been a challenge for this and two other new product lines we’ll be debuting, but we anticipate to be selling all three no later than November of this year.


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