New Antenna - 10x Increase (Not even outside yet)

Here is my INDOOR Cantenna & Its Range
Range Rings are 50 nm apart. Outermost red ring is 300nm radius
Gmap screenshot: Aug 02, 2015, 12:26pm local time (US/Canada Eastern Time)

My setup:
Indoor Cantenna > 12 ft RG6 Coax + 20 inch RG316 pigtail to DVB-T > DVB-T directly inserted into RPi > 15ft Network cable from RPi to router

Note about Cantenna Whip: The Whip of Cantenna looks like a piece of Coax, but it is not. It looks like coax because I made it from core wire + white core insulation of Coax (important: the braid and foil were removed from the whip). What is actually required is bare copper wire. The core insulation can also be removed if desired. I left the white core insulation to make whip more visible in photos :slight_smile:

Note About red/blue range rings: Please see my post:

Note about how to make Cantenna: Please see my post