Need to find given flight's status at a specific time



I need to get a flight’s schedule at a specific time.
e.g. At 9.00AM, I want to know the schedule of Flight “A”’ to be starting from Miami today at 5.00PM.

Do we have a method to find the same??

I have looked at the method FlightInfoEx. It seems to be giving the information regarding all the flights with the name “A”, irrespective of the date time and airports.

It also returns multiple flights scheduled for the same day.

Please advice as to how can we get a single record with the required information.


Your application must make the decision about which of the flights returned by FlightInfoEx is the one it is interested in and look at the corresponding data for that flight. Once you have identified which flight you want, you may use the “faFlightID” field with future FlightInfoEx requests to only retrieve that one.