Need new usb stick -> too expensive


I join the project 6 years ago with a USB stick.
Generic RTL2832U (Generic, RTL2832U, SN 77771111153705700)
Found Rafael Micro R820T tuner

Since a week, it stop running, I cannot get any data:
piaware[3622]: 0 msgs recv’d from dump1090-fa; 0 msgs sent to FlightAware

I try to buy a new one on amazon and received this one :
Generic RTL2832U OEM (Realtek, RTL2838UHIDIR, SN 00000001)
Found Fitipower FC0012 tuner
which is not compatible.

I’m ok to buy the official USB stick.
As I’m in France, I have to buy on ebay and the price is 106.49 USD (110 Euros) or from UK 72,75 Euros.
A lot of money …
Do you have am European reseller to save customs cost ?

If not, I’m sorry to say that at this cost I’ll not continue …

you could order it from the Netherlands, the blue FA stick costs 39,95.

I don’t know if they ship to France but it is worth a try :wink:

You can get an RTL-SDR Blog V3 directly from their online store for $29.95 with free shipping. They ship worldwide.

That’s the typical development of pricing due to the chip shortage. Currently you need to pay twice the price also for Raspberries.

I checked some stores in Germany, all sold-out on the FA sticks or overpriced.


I’ll do that, thks.
50 Euro the full kit through Aliexpress, not so bad :slight_smile:

Thanks all for your help.



Aliexpress has many sellers selling stick with wrong or incomplete specs.

If I have to purchase from Aliexpress, I will not risk 50 Euro. I will risk only 15 Euro by purchasing this one.

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