National Opt Out Day


The TSA is entirely out of control. It’s nothing but a group of small people given unlimited powers.

I wish I was flying some where on the 24th because I would join the National Opt Out Day. You can be assured I will opt out when I do next fly if they haven’t taken these machines out.

Read what the full body scanners can do besides showing you entire body (yes, down there, too) and what the so-called security agents do to innocent people: … urity-222/


““if you touch my junk, I’ll have you arrested.”” … tween.html

I urge everyone flying on November 24th to opt out of the backscattering machines for 2 reasons: The government, even in the name of “security,” has no right doing illegal body searches and because the machines emit lots of x-rays that will give you cancer.


Everyone should opt-out everyday.




Looking at the videos about the groping done by the TSA brought a question to mind. Why doe it take 4 or 5 or more TSA Team Sexual Assult agents to handle it?

And can I assume by the lack of comments on this topic that no one cares that our freedoms are being eroded all in the name of “security?”


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It’s not that I don’t care, I guess if the Gulfstream was down and I had to fly commercial, I’d do the scanner and if someone gave me a funny look, I’d just smile and say “that’s right, it’s real and it’s spectacular!”

Simple solution to the problem


Just have the pat-downs performed by good looking members of the opposite sex, problem solved!

In all seriousness, if you want to see this BS ended overnight, there needs to be a publicly supported national moratorium on air travel for a week. The airlines and related businesses would scream so loud to their elected representatives that the response would put the TSA’s very existence in peril!



There is some Brett Farve texting joke in here somewhere, SOMEWHERE!!!


Instead of retiring from the Vikings and becoming a Walmart greeter, he could become a TSA screener! Just make sure to take away his cell phone.


The TSA considers the scans necessary, as it is “frequently reminded that our enemy is creative and willing to go to great lengths to evade detection,” Soule said.

source: … n-20101112

Then let’s not stop at the scanners! Why not body cavity searches? How about searches that actually see through the skin to see what the terrorists have pushed up their butts? Ooo! Ooo! I know! Why not just place all passengers into bomb proof containers and load them in the planes as cargo?


The only logical step now, and I can’t believe we didn’t think of this before…BAN AVIATION. Yes, ban it, no more flights, no more airplanes, airports, airport people, rampers, pilots, flight attendants, etc.

Think about it, I mean we all are mad at the airlines for all the delays that they cause us, and the cramped seating in the planes, the planes are too small, the regionals are unsafe, the airports are congested, the unions are destroying the industry, the industry is destroying the unions, jet A costs too much, EWR, and the list goes on and on.

I’m all about just doing away with aviation. I don’t make any money in it, my wife hates it, we could all be spending our time doing lots of other things.

And the full body scanners are totally not cool either.


Isn’t this just fine and dandy?


Richard Reid (shoe bomber), 2001 ==> taking shoes off in screening

Trans-Atlantic liquid bomb plot, 2006 ==> 3-1-1, 100 ml bottles, 1 quart ziploc bags

Underwear bomber, 2009 ==> millimeter-wave, x-ray backscatter, or intensive patdowns

You’re right, this all sucks – so what’s your strategy, fellas? You’ve worked yourselves into a lather, now let’s hear a practical alternative.

Since 9/11, we’ve accepted a long series of challenges to our Constitutional rights, both incremental and radical changes, in the name of protecting our other freedoms including easy access to shopping malls, stadiums, and air travel. I’m angry about extraordinary renditions, warrantless wiretapping, religious and racial profiling of innocent US citizens, and equating criticism of government policies with “giving comfort to the enemy”, among other things. IMO those cut to the bone. TSA guys seeing me naked is pretty far down the list.

Look, we can’t pretend there are no vulnerabilities in ordinary life, so the question is, what are you willing to give up, and what do you treasure? Would you rather let bored TSA people see grainy pictures of your “junk”, or let more underwear bombs through? If you’re gonna be angry at TSA instead of al Qaeda, you have to have a better idea than TSA’s.

Frankly, I feel sorry for the poor bastard that’s gotta look at 3 naked paunchy old guys a minute, including me. And the other poor bastard who has to grope every angry traveler who refused the imaging, including you.


How do you feel about the person looking at your nude daughter or son? You good with that? Or would you rather have a TSA agent rubbing you child’s genitals?

There are no easy solutions to this, but scanners aren’t the answer nor are aggressive pat-downs.


There are no good answers to the security challenge. One side says, too much, no privacy, etc., and the other side says, suck it up, it’s all about safety.

There are good points to both sides. Historically, after a major event, it’s extra this, extra that, and as time goes on, we lose sight of the purpose of those “extras” and begin to question the reasoning behind it. More or less, we forget. We all have to take risks when we do something. The safest bet would be to not fly. No risks to aviaiton, but that’s not feasible.

No matter what we do, we all take risks, and the key is to mitigate those risks as much as possible. Do we profile? Do we shake down everyone so that it’s “fair”? We have to take a look at the big picture, which is safety and security. Nothing will ever be 100% safe.


Saw a short article somewhere today reminding everybody that the law still says airports CAN opt out of the TSA running their security if they have a private, approved, company doing it for them. Sounds like the time is ripe to start a company!


The underwear bomber would not have been caught by some perverted jackass groping him nor by the porno machine. Typical TSA reaction: Something happens and go overboard on the fix.

Here’s some more articles to read: … &catid=339 … t-security

Folks, when it comes to security, it’s all a facade. I say the flights are safe in spite of the TSA, not because of them.


Picking on you because of “convienance” but I will re-iterate Dadalope’s question. “What is your strategy?”

Complaining as everybody is doing here isn’t the answer. Boycotting isn’t the answer. Only hurts the economy and innocent people such as airline employee jobs because somebody can’t comply with current security measures.

If you don’t want full body scans, don’t want agressive pat downs BECAUSE YOU refused a full body scan, what is the answer? What are the alternatives to securing our airports.

Personally, I don’t have an answer (other then profiling) so I will comply (as I have said repetitively in the past).

Edited to add profiling.