NASA test pilot Maj. Robert M. White (USAF Ret.) (1924-2010)

I just read that Maj White (X-15 test pilot) has slipped the surly bonds. RIP and CAVU skies, Major. :frowning:

No offense, but it was Maj. General White and he passed last week.

I noticed that too after doing a little research. Somehow I didn’t see it on any of the various aviation-related websites (including this one) I frequent until the 24th. :blush: Almost feel like we let the man down. :frowning:

“…We drink to those who gave their all of old
Then down we roar to score the rainbow’s pot of gold!”

We are losing our heroes with little notice at an alarming rate, who will take their place among us?

Remember the eight surviving Doolittle Raiders on April 18th.

The way it seems, we no longer make our NASA/USAF aviator legends public figures like we used to…think about how many famous fighter pilots you know. My mind races when I start thinking about if we have men that are doing incredible things for the Air Force and NASA behind closed doors. We can only hope.