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My optimization adventures

Hi @wiedehopf,

More changes today, and I think I hit the ‘jackpot’. The configuration now is just the Pro+ with a gain setting of 37.2.

This is the graph for the modified station:

This is the one I was comparing it to, and trying to match the performance. It uses a RadarBox stick only with a gain setting of max:

What do you think? Any suggestions?


That seems a bit low especially for what you want and considering your antenna is indoors.
16% on that reference station on the other hand seems like you could turn it down.

But until you properly set up the external LNA i’m not too interested anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL…based on the latest and greatest data that your graphs are showing, that’s not likely to happen with the current configuration.

If by low you mean the number of planes seen, that’s actually high for this setup.

I tried turning it down, and the number of planes dropped as well.

The conundrum is: Increasing the gain past what it is now, does increase the > -3 dBFS, but not the number of planes. If I lower it, both the > -3 dBFS and planes drop.

I don’t like red on graphs, if I can avoid it.:wink:

No i meant the percentage of strong messages.
Curious that this gave you the most planes.

Compared to the other receiver?
Or what do you mean with the number of planes dropped.

No matter i guess.

Why not? You have two stations that work as well as each other, a good opportunity to modify one of them.
See if it can work better.

Yes, and ‘historically’ as well.

This is what I have been doing since setting up the second station. I have tried a lot of different combinations during this time.

The “Law of Diminishing Returns” may have kicked in already.:grinning:

The SatNOGS novelty wore off. The WSJT-X receiving station has timing issues caused by the audio piping. It works, but leaves a lot to be desired in terms of decodes.

So, what was I to do with the extra hardware?:upside_down_face:

I setup a third ADS-B station. As always, expect the unexpected.

Configuration: Quick spider antenna, blue FA filter, RTL-SDR Blog generic LNA (not the triple filtered ADS-B model), NooElec SmarTee stick (the one with bias-tee always ON). Gain left at the PiaAware default of ‘max’.

This station ‘rocks’. Its performance is better, during the short observation period, than the other two stations.:joy:

You’re killing me with your dislike for the triple filtered version :slight_smile:

Oh well maybe you got a bad one of those.

LOL…no…it’s installed on the other station, the one using the RadarBox stick.

The Pro+ is working solo.

But why do you install it with another LNA behind it?
That LNA will get overloaded badly.

The triplefilterd LNA has 30dB of gain. That’s quite ALOT!

Just so you know what an ALOT is:



I have both RTL-SDR Blog v2 and v3 sticks doing nothing currently.

I’m busy with other stuff right now, but I will try later.

No sweat, seems i’m good at talking people into modifying their setups :slight_smile:

I shouldn’t care, but it seems i do!

I just changed it, but I’m getting confused at tracking their performance. Too many variables.:laughing:

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I have it but never used it, not even once.
First attempt to use it failed as the ebay bias-t had solder pads for DC, and due to excessive heat of soldering, little pull on DC wires peeled-off the copper pads from pcb :angry:.

Though last week I have received a new bias-t (screw terminals for DC), I have not yet setup this triple treat ice cream. Don’t know why I don’t have any appetite to use it.

Seems it just doesn’t taste good :slight_smile:


The QuickSpider is ‘kicking the butt’ of the FA antennas. I cannot believe my eyes, or should I say graphs.

Really? In this case I should get it patented immediately. :slight_smile:

The main reason is my indoor system. I have indoor antenna, so there is not much signal to start with. On top of that I dont have long coax, only 1 meter coax. The ProStick and FlightStick already have built-in LNA. I dont feel I would benefit much from it.

Anyway as I have already purchased it, I will set it up some day to see how it goes.

This is also my conclusion after, frankly, too much experimentation. The last nail in the coffin was setting up a third station today.

There is a limit to how much one can do indoors. I believe the limit has been reached in my case. A lot more work and/or money for a handful of additional planes is not something worth pursuing in my opinion.

The 3 stations, as currently configured, perfom more or less the same, with the best one being just the Pro+ and an FA antenna.

If the antenna was outdoors, or better still, the whole station, then it would be a totally different game. The above comments would likely not apply, but going outdoors is not an option here.

I think I have said it before, to play, a QuickSpider and a generic no-name dongle is all that is needed. The siting of the station is much more important than the hardware used.

I’m not saying we should not try to improve our stations, but there is a point where the “Law of Diminishing Returns” kicks in.

Same applies to me :cry: