My Flightaware antenna doesn't function

Hi to everybody. I just bought a flightaware antenna to upgrade my ads-b station (that was composed by a nooelec bundle v2 smartee), but it doesn’t work. In practice, before changing the antenna I had a range of about 50 nm, which is the same as now, if not decreased…
The antenna is indoor and vertical, but in the exact same position as the previous one.
What i can do?

The N connectors/plugs/sockets come in 75 and 50 ohm versions.

Picture showing the similarity between 50 Ω (bottom) and 75 Ω (top) Type N connectors
(from wikipedia)

Are you sure that the N connector is the correct type? The FA Antenna uses a 50 Ohm (thicker pin) connector. The 75 Ohm connector may work intermittently.

I easily get 120NM from my bedroom setup(2nd floor, US floor numbering), antenna in the corner of the room and my house is only 30ft AMSL.
Bedroom feeder stats

You may need a filter. Just run the scan described in this post:

(1) Do I Need A Filter?

(2) For Beginners - How-to Connect FlightAware Antenna, Filter and Pro Stick - Connectors and Cables Required


Can you help me?
this is a picture of my connectorconnettore n

In this moment i’m running 60 minutes test on my raspberry. When it finishes I will post the result, so you can tell me if I need the filter or not

Your N-connector, shown in the photo you posted, looks Ok.

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Check the coax for continuity.
Outside to outside (shield) should have continuity.
Inside to inside (core) should have continuity.
Inside to outside (no devices connected) should be mostly open.

I think the antenna presents as a short. Connect it then check the dongle end for a short.

Of your 5 sites which one has the new antenna? The site you linked seems to have reception beyond the 50 nm you mentioned.

Can you link which coax you bought?
Or show the SMA side in a photo?

Most likely you need a filter.

Cutouts from your scan




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Announcing the new 1090 MHz only bandpass filter!


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Which filter i should to buy?
the new flightaware 1090mhz or the lna and filter rtl-sdr blog?
However in this moment i’m not using any type of coax but only a rg-316 pigtail

Depends on what dongle you have.

  1. If your dongle has a built-in LNA, Flightaware filter will be OK. (Caution: If you are using Nooelect smartee with always ON biast, the Flightaware filter may cause DC short-circuit, but I am not sure. Some one who has tried this may confirm.)

    If you decide to purchase Flightaware Filter, do NOT purchase the Light Blue one, It will remove GSM800, but wont remove GSM900.
    Filter FA Light Blue :x:

    Purchase the Dark Blue one, it will remove both GSM800 and GSM 900
    It’s lable says “1090 Mhz Band Pass
    Filter FA Dark Blue :white_check_mark:


  1. If your dongle does not have a built-in LNA, then purchase “RTL-SDR Blog ADS-B Triple Filtered LNA” (Caution: Do NOT purchase their Wide Band version, it looks very similar. Make sure it says “ADS-B 1090 Mhz” and “Triple Filter”)

    NOTE: With RTL-SDR Triple filtered LNA, you will need a biast also if your dongle does not have a built-in biast.

RTL-SDR Blog Tripple Filtered LNA

I’d prefer the rtl-sdr LNA in every case, much better filtering / performance.
But it requires a bias-t (power injector) and so the setup is more complicated.

The installation is more complicated with the bias-t.
Some units have been bad, usually you get a replacement without issue though.

I’ve had no trouble with the rtl-sdr LNAs. The SMArTees I’ve ordered have a 50% DOA rate. That said, no questions asked return to a UPS (US) storefront and replacements arrive from Amazon the next day.

For buying the lna rtl blog I have to spend 50 dollars, so is there anything better for this amount? (which include fees for europe)
I am currently very disappointed with the flightaware antenna, because before buying it I received twenty-eight thousand positions a day, and now only twelve…

There’s something up with your setup, or maybe even a defective antenna. The FA antenna gets me some amazing results compared to other antennas. And the price can’t be beat.


You haven’t answered the question about the receiver side of your coax cable.
Does it have the required pin?
It’s quite easy to buy the wrong coax with RP-SMA connector instead of SMA.



The SMA-male has center pin. The reverse SMA (RP-SMA) male does NOT have a center pin, it has a hole.


The SMA-female does not have center pin. The reverse SMA (RP-SMA) male also does not have a center pin, it has a hole. The center wire connection is open because of missing pin. A temporary workaround is to cut a short piece of center wire of coax and insert in hole of RP-SMA male. This piece of wire will act as the missing pin, and connection will be established.

RP-SMA Worksround