MSP landings VERY close together, then airspace becomes empty

Newbie to FlightAware here.

I was exploring how the ‘live action’ functions, the layers, how to click on planes and receive information. Trying to learn.

I was watching Delta flight 1314 from BWI to MSP and its ‘landing time’ (not gate arrival time) was at 24-JUN-2022 and 08:30PM CDT. I have a screenshot of the ‘informational web page’ for that flight and plane from clicking on it.

Then, I noticed WELL WITHIN two miles of that Delta 1314 flight (according to the FlightAware map), there was a flight United 637 from DEN to MSP. Also landing. I have a screenshot of that flight’s ‘informational web page’ too.

I clicked on each ‘plane’ and got their information because I was surprised that they were flying that close to one another so both of them landing would be basically at the same time.

The United 637 flight ‘landing time’ (again, not gate arrival time) was at 24-JUN-2022 and 08:30PM CDT TOO!!

Then, while the ‘air traffic’ around MSP seemed quite sparse with very few planes ‘training in and out’ prior to those planes landing, even when ‘zoomed in’ as far as I could so I didn’t ‘miss any of them’, then suddenly NOTHING flew within a few miles of the MSP airport for around 15 minutes.

Did something go wrong?

Did those two planes fly much too close together and then land much too close in time and maybe that caused something that appeared like ‘a pause’ in takeoffs and landings at MSP for a little while? Like a ‘let’s reset things here’?

Again, newbie here but this just seemed quite odd. I thought the spacing was much greater, especially during such a ‘slow night/part of the evening’.

Thanks for any insight on this.

Maybe MSP takes/allows two planes landing simultaneously and on different runways, of course.


That is because of the parallel runways.

Delta 1314 landed on 12L (runway 12 left)
United 637 landed on 12R (runway 12 right)