Newark Airport Very Little Separation


I was driving up the ramp to the Goethals bridge yesterday when a AWE a320 passed overhead landing on runway 4R at EWR. Less than 10 seconds later an AA MD80 or some similar model passed above as well. I thought that was way to close so I figured the MD80 would go around. Traffic on the bridge was slow so I looked out toward the runway and the A320 was about to touch down and the MD80 was still right behind it. I had to pay attention to the road for the next few seconds so I didn’t see exactly what happened but I looked out again and didn’t see the MD80 in the air anymore so there was no go around that I could see. FA confirmed this saying that the 2 planes landed at the same time.

I didn’t think there was enough space between R and L runways for a simultaneous landing but could it be that the MD80 was on 4L?


Simultaneous landings and takeoffs on 4R and 4L are the norm at EWR.

Tons of room. … /satellite


I know landing on one and taking off on another is standard. I’ve seen thousands of flights at EWR but never one like this with two planes landing.


Simultaneous operations would mean the planes were side-by-side or one plane had passed the other on final.


Sorry, poorly worded response on my part. I meant to write simultaneous landings and/or takeoffs on 4R and 4L are the norm at EWR.


simultaneous landings on parallel runways separated by less than 1500 feet are OK as long as pilots see each other and provide visual separation from each other… this is the norm at SFO and the cause of frequent summer fog delays because pilots can’t see each other and provide visual separation