Monitoring of piAware in the Attic

I’ve got my piAware running in the attic and wanted to have a way to monitor it (without having to ssh in). After searching around a bit I found this site which had most of the info I needed. Although it is possible to host MRTG on the pi itself, I’ve instead set it up to collect data using my in-home server via SNMP to the Pi. This eases the load a bit on the Pi and keeps the amount of customization on the Pi to a minimum (in case I need to re-image it). Plus my server is internet-accessible via VPN so I can keep an eye on it when I’m traveling.

The stats I’m logging are network upload and download, memory usage, idle time, CPU temperature (so I can see if it melts in the Texas summer), and planes seen (total and those with position info). Having never used SNMP or MRTG before this was a fun adventure :smiley: . Even though there isn’t much unique to what I’ve done I thought I’d share it in case anyone else is interested. Most of the work was in adding the custom SNMP objects for the temperature and plane data and in creating a MRTG config file. I’m happy to share any of the config files and scripts if someone wants them. If you haven’t used MRTG, clicking on any of the graphs in the below example will show a bit more detail and longer history.

Here is an example:

Thanks again to all who have shared their info on this site. A really nice community!

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A lot of this has already been done in

I see a few extra graphs. Maybe change with Joe to see if it is worth adding some extra graphs to the package.

Thanks, I was aware of that work. As I said there isn’t that much unique in what I did. But I wanted to roll my own solution as a learning experience, plus much of the effort for what I wanted is actually on the server side, not the Pi. You could say it is reinventing the wheel but if no one did that there only ever be on wheel builder. I’ve now go knowledge I can use in other projects.

The RPIs are a great learning tool. You can leave them on 24/7 and they only cost a few dollars(or whatever your local currency is) per month.

Since you are in the US, you may want to look into UAT978. With your location, you should be able to see a fair amount of traffic.


this is exactly what I was looking into setup myself - whilst I’m aware of the other work that jonhawkes2030 mentions, I’d also like to monitor over SNMP remotely too.

If you’re still happy to share your scripts /config… I’d be very interested.

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