MLAT speed error?

I was recently tracking the F-HVNE helicopter, it is a Guimbal Cabri G2. Its maximum speed should be around 100kts.
See for example this tracking : F-HVNE Flight Tracking and History 16-Dec-2021 - FlightAware
Your trace is depicting speed up to 193kts. The flight time is 63 minutes, distance 83 nauticals. Average speed should be around 87kts. The tracked speed is twice this.
To my opinion your MLAT calculation are false. Or perhaps your are calculating in km/h and not knots, and a conversion had been forgotten?

Two things:

  1. look at the tracklog details rather than the graph; most position do not have an associated speed, the graph is misleading you about where data is available

  2. mlat speed estimates tend to be unreliable as the underlying filter is a constant-velocity model and the velocity vector estimate can be wildly wrong when the underlying motion is not a constant velocity (i.e. during any maneuvering). We try to discard these values when they’re obviously bad, but that doesn’t always work.

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thanks for the explanations

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