Something was going fast....

Picked up on UAT near KSAT. Over 3000mph at range of 5505nm

Looks like bad data to me.

naaawww… Surely not… 8)

A German ICAO address, transmitting on UAT(not used outside the U.S.A), traveling at Mach 4 and reaching 10,000km (a quarter of the way around the globe).

Is H.a.l in charge of the piaware???
I suppose if your name was Dave not Ted.

With a vertical speed of -11584 fpm he won’t be up there long! 5 minutes of that and it’s auger time.
Bad data sounds right to me.

I see strange stuff like this occasionally. In my opinion it seems to come from bad/inaccurate MLAT caluclations.

MLAT is not used in UAT/978Mhz.
It is corrupted data.