MLAT blacklist?

Are there flights for which MLAT coordinates are not passed back to feeders?

Air Force One ADFDF8 visited KAUS today. I received plenty of Mode-S messages with altitudes, but mlat-client never gave a location.

It makes sense that AF1 would be blocked, but I often see other military aircraft with MLAT data so I’m just curious.

Both VC-25As are visible via MLAT. They transmit Mode-S data. I have seen them many times. … 20/%20B742


Hmm, then I wonder why I never got any positions for this one. MLAT coverage is generally very good in my area.

btw I really like your interface and observations logging system!



I couldn’t get positions either. I just knew where it was by the ‘hole’ where all other aircraft had been cleared out!
(And the stacks to the North West and East of aircraft waiting to land, which we very rarely see in Austin)

Thanks for the confirmation; that makes me think FA was blocking MLAT for it. :neutral_face:

As you can see from this screenshot of my raw data in my database, ADFDF8 ( VC-25A 82-8000 ) has lat/lon data from 3-3-2016. The only place the lat/lon data comes from for Mode-S aircraft is via FlightAware’s MLAT service.


Picking up Air Force 2 via MLAT. The VP is on his way to Washington State.