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Hi everybody!
A very very big thanks to all you guys, your info are always precious, reading you made me able to feed (starting from total zero experience!).
This is my first post and a have a question about MLAT and ADS-B RSSI: why do I receive a MLAT signal from an airplane even if I have a RSSI signal very loud?
A picture can explain better

As you can see on the right of the screen, I receive this plane via RSSI with a strong signal, but it shows me MLAT. On the left of the screen a shot from asds-exchange that shows the plane with ADS-B signal active.

Thanks to all of you for your passion! :blush:

my device is
dump1090-mutabilty v1.15~dev
FlightAware Pro Stick (blue)

That aircraft is not ADS-B equipped (as far as I can tell); the screenshot on the left is showing you misleading data.

Thank you obj for the answer, as I supposed “…is showing you misleading data.” too many difference with all the other flight-track-sites.
Another question: why dump1090 shows me RSSI level if that plane is not equpped with ADS-B? I alwasys thught that RSSI level is “the signal” that I capture on the air… but probably my thought is wrong :joy:

P.S. today is your anniversary of the day you joined this community, a virtual beer for you :beers:

You should read this:

It is showing you the signal level of the non-ADS-B Mode S messages you are receiving. Unlike ADS-B these don’t carry a position (which is where multilateration comes in)

Thank you wiedehopf, how MLAT works is clear, I activated it about 2 weeks ago, in the beginning my dump has only ADS-B, then I decided to try MLAT too.

But what illuminate me is the answer of obj: the mix of two different things (MLAT and NO-ADS-B) shows me their relative sum in the info panel.

Thank you all :handshake: