Missing flights - Piaware vs airport stats?

I live very close to Mexico City’s airport (MEX) , about 10 miles away and right below it’s approach route. Every plane above my home is displayed in Piaware and viceversa. I get at least a 100NM range, with peaks at around 210NM

I’ve been using Piaware for about 2 years now. My stats page shows about 450-550 daily flights seen by my receiver which is consistent with other receivers in the city, obviously not all seen aircraft are headed to or departed MEX, so I would guess the actual daily operations in MEX should be below that daily average.

Today I heard in the news that airport officials said that during the holiday season they average 1,000 daily flights, so I investigated and found the official airport monthly report in which apparently there are about 30,000-40,000 monthly flights (pages 6 & 9 https://www.aicm.com.mx/acercadelaicm/archivos/files/Estadisticas/EstadisticasNov2021.pdf)

What do airports report as an “operation”? I would say either an arrival or a departure, but maybe thay are reporting something else or with a different methodology. One possibility is that they are providing false information, but I don’t think so.

I’m preety sure I’m seeing all incoming and outgoing flights in my receiver (as it is consistent with other receivers in the city), but can’t explain the differences.

Flight aware only counts an aircraft once per UTC day. An aircraft could takeoff and land a dozen times and it would only count as one on the stats page.

FA counts unique aircraft per day only. That means an cannot appear twice, even if different flights were operated with it on that day.

I am counting seperately the number of flights per day on my device. That covers the same aircraft, but with different flights.

So what you’re saying is, if you live near a major airport hub then you’re probably counting a lot more flights and positions, but since it only counts an aircraft once per day then you won’t see a corresponding increase in the number of aircraft?

That’s exactly how it works.

I am feeding several sites and i also log the flights in a local database by using the export functionality of ModesMixer2
Comparing the two numbers shows a difference of around 30% and in this database aircraft can show up more than once per day, but with different flight numbers.

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