Would it be possible to include the route mileage? I know it is displayed for flights currently aloft but I would find it convenient to have this on the routes page as well.

Roger Curtiss


Are you trying to compare the total distance of various IFR routes?


I am simply wanting to see the distance for any given route


While I’m not the feature-decision-maker, I’m having trouble visualizing what it is that you want to see/do. The distance is available while a flight is airborne. Are you asking that it be listed for every flight before it takes off? What value would that be? Or do you mean see a table of ever route and it’s length? Or do you mean on the IFR Route Analyzer page for all of those routes?


I would say that I would like to see the distance for each route. Especially when the aircraft is not currently enroute. So it would be the mileage added to the route summary. This would allow comparisons of mileage differences among filed routes between city pairs as well as just knowing total distance on any individual route filing.