METAR beta testing

I like the layout of the weather. however, 1 thing confuses me. In the columns marked “Cloud Cover”, type and height are the highest clouds reported in the actual METAR.

I am used to seeing the “ceiling” which would be the lowest broken or overcast layer.

Is there some reason I’m missing where the highest layer is used?

(hover over Flight Rules - - IFR, VFR, etc to see the actual METAR).

Thanks. My favorite part is the METAR history. nice for spotting trends.

It should be the way you’re expecting; which METAR are you looking at?

Line from table…
02-Sep 09:53AM MVFR 290 10kts Overcast 7500

shows overcast at 7500 ft when the METAR shows

KFAR 021453Z 29010KT 10SM SCT022 BKN028 OVC075 14/12 A2991 RMK AO2 RAB11E26 SLP129 P0000 60002 T01440122 51025

I would expect 2800 bkn for the ceiling, (however I realize your heading is not ceiling). I’d like to see the lowest broken or overcast layer rather than the highest layer